Performance Building Façades

Why Now

There is a sea change underway in matters of the building skin. The architectural façade is among the most important considerations
in the building arts, affecting both performance and appearance like no other building system. Exciting new materials, processes, and design practices are forthcoming at an unprecedented rate, and the façade
has become the nexus of intersecting, increasingly demanding, and often-conflicting objectives including transparency, geometric complexity, energy efficiency, and sound mitigation, that are bringing rapid change to exterior cladding technology.

A sea change calls for a new direction. Cupples has navigated
these waters before, but we are the new direction, on course and
under full sail.

Small is Beautiful

Cupples is deliberately structured as a boutique specialty façade firm providing complete design/build services to a select clientele. We are a lean and focused façade deliver machine structured to provide custom tailored solutions to your project requirements, solutions combining optimal quality, aesthetics, and economy in a single package. We can do large projects and have nothing against doing them, of course, but unlike many of the larger façade contractors, we can provide economical solutions to smaller projects also. Smaller jewel-box projects are a Cupples specialty. Our typical project size ranges from $1-20 million.

Organizational Structure

Cupples is organized regionally to put managerial decision-making as close to our customers and project sites as possible. Our operations personnel are decentralized and fully dedicated to the regions they support. We are lean, flexible, highly adaptive and responsive to a diverse range of project needs. We are an organization of highly skilled rapid-response teams trained to treat your project as our only priority. Everything from schematic design involvement to means-and-methods planning can be finely tuned to your specific project requirements.

Financial Strength

The risk-averse construction industry has long recognized the value of payment and performance bonding. The solid financial standing of Cupples is built upon years of profitable operations in the construction industry, assuring the efficient provision of surety bonds on any size or complexity of project we elect to pursue. But surety bonds are only the failsafe when it comes to risk mitigation, as some level of disruption is sure to accompany the calling
of a bond in any case. More than the provision of a bond,
the financial strength behind Cupples is the best insurance that the need to call one of our surety bonds will
never occur.

Technical Capability

We continue the long tradition of technological dominance established by Cupples in the mid-twentieth century. We are both masters and students of the building skin. Our expertise encompasses the myriad considerations ranging from air and water infiltration, through thermal and acoustical performance, and into the aesthetic properties
of the façade that dominate the appearance of buildings. There is rapid change underway in façade technology driven by the increasing performance demands on the building skin. We track new system and material developments to assure that we can bring the latest façade technology to your building project.

Operational Capability and Experience

There is nothing that more fully assures the successful completion of a façade program than the experience of the team responsible for delivering that project. Experience is not embodied in the name of a company, it can only be found in the people that carry that name. Cupples' core strength is the organizational capability provided by our seasoned professional project managers and management teams. The Cupples teams are comprised of construction industry veterans with many years of career experience in delivering challenging building façade projects. They are equally comfortable on the plant floor of a fabrication vendor as they are on a job site. Our project management teams carry the ultimate responsibility of on-time and on-budget project delivery.

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