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Great Brands Never Die

CH Holdings is excited to announce the reintroduction of Cupples Inc. into the domestic US marketplace.

One of the truly great brands and storied construction companies of the twentieth century was Cupples, a manufacturer and contractor specializing in building façade products. Cupples led the international curtainwall market in the second half of the twentieth century, both developing this emergent building technology and applying it to a remarkable series of landmark building projects, among them:

Despite its reputation for these influential high profile architectural projects, Cupples completed far more lesser heralded smaller façade programs for low and mid-rise structures across North America.

During this period, Cupples was manufacturing-centered and remarkably vertically integrated, self-performing virtually all required manufacturing processes from pushing aluminum extrusions, plating and coating, to complete assembly of a wide range of window, door, and curtainwall products, in addition to providing complete contracting services. However, market changes in the 1980s rendered the company’s business model increasingly inefficient, and by the end of the decade, obsolete. The firm scaled back operations and continued to work in international markets, but essentially ceased domestic operations.

The marketplace has undergone a series of shifts and changes through the 1990s and beyond, and was most recently impacted by the global financial crisis that started in 2008. The construction marketplace was among the hardest hit. The changes wrought by these shifting market conditions have created insurmountable challenge for some and opportunity for others.

The ownership of Cupples prospered through these difficult times, and ultimately recognized the opportunity to retool the Cupples business model in response to current market conditions, and to restore the firm to full domestic operations.

Cupples is Back

The current management group is excited to be bringing this revived brand back to dominance in the US marketplace. We recognize a particular niche of opportunity in the existing construction marketplace: the low and mid-rise buildings that dominate many local and regional markets. This is our focus. Building types comprising this niche range widely from office through institutional to residential applications, and we have experience and expertise with the full spectrum.

For a more detailed look at this fascinating history:

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